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Hyper Text Markup Language, or HTML, is the language that makes up a Web page. It's a simple system, or should we say tag system, which consist of Less-than symbol (<) and the Greater-Than symbol (>).


50 Levels Unlimited Width 6 Tiers

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Learning html and html codes, or rather html code, and php has never been easier and it should be easy. Learning from HTML Code Tutorials for html and php is one of the best ways to learn, sorta like on the job training. While many baby boomers are not going to go and register for school, they may go out and by a book and start the process of learning html and php right here at html4newbies and many have done just that.
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Php stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.

While our site is named for html, we are much more then that, we have included Learning Tidbits on Html codes and Php code, and PHP snippets to learn php from.
We are not a commerical website that sells any product(s). We mainly survive from Advertisements, to help us keep Html4newbies around longer you can link back to us, the higher ranking your site is and if it is related to html or php the better you help us.
While not required to do so.
Html4newbies should only be your stepping stone to learning html or php, getting a book on either or starting school to learn either html or php should be your goal. Like learning anything, it takes dedication and the willingness to learn. Also another way to learn html or php is to get a html editor or a php editor and there are many online to chose from.
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We are adding myspace codes, it seems myspace is a really big thing with young adults, and just about everyone on myspace uses css and html code. So we decided to add codes for myspace. Look for myspace background codes, Myspace Contact Tables.
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